Ed Sheeran's Hong Kong concert cancelled after fans waited for hours in the rain

PHOTO: Reuters

HONG KONG - Perfect singer Ed Sheeran has apologised over an imperfect outing for fans in Hong Kong.

Many fans posted their outrage after the show, which they waited for hours in the rain, was cancelled on Thursday (April 18) because of a thunderstorm.

"I'm very very sorry for wasting your time," Sheeran wrote online.

"I'm so sorry that people have come out and waited in the rain and got wet and for no show."

But he added that the cancellation "has nothing to do with me".

He clarified that his crew had got everything set up for the concert but they were told to delay the start time because of the weather. Eventually, the show was called off.

The no-show prompted many fans to raise a storm online.

"Standing under heavy rain for three-plus hours. We came from Zhuhai, China and I heard some fans even came from Beijing," one person wrote.

Another person noted: "I cannot believe there was no contingency (plan for) holding an outdoor concert in a month that is known for rain. If lightning was a problem, why was it okay for the audience to stand for hours in the rain and lightning?

"And if the storm was forecast, why not cancel (the show) before everyone makes his way to the venue?"


Sheeran's post indicted that refunds would be given.

This article was first published in The Straits Times. Permission required for reproduction.