Eddie Peng slapped with $130 fine and the reason is bananas

Looks like our favourite Taiwanese heartthrob got himself into trouble at the airport and it's bananas!

According to Chinese media, Eddie Peng was slapped with a fine of NT$3,000 (S$131) by customs officers at Taipei Songshan Airport after he was found in possession of "prohibited items" on Monday (July 1).

Sounds ominous? Not really.

What officers found in his backpack were fruits, which included avocados and yes, bananas.

A spokesperson for the airport also confirmed the incident with Taiwanese media.

Travellers are strictly prohibited from bringing in fresh fruits without declaring them and obtaining the proper clearance by the Quarantine Bureau.

But before you write off his boy-next-door persona, though, it was all an innocent mistake.

And one which might even make you fall in love with him even more - apart from his good looks.


It was reported that his manager came forward to clear the air and confessed that Eddie got into trouble because of his kind heart.

The backpack actually belongs to her but Eddie offered to help her carry it while she went to collect their luggage at the baggage claim area.

She explained to Chinese media that the fruits found were leftovers that she had brought onto the flight and she had intended to consume them later.

She expressed her regret that Eddie got into trouble for being a gentleman and made the news because of it.

"If it was me who was carrying the backpack, there wouldn't even be a story," she said.

The manager also explained that she wasn't aware that there was a restriction on bringing fresh fruits into the country.

She said: "If I had known about it, I would have definitely respected and followed the law."


And if Eddie had anything to say about it, he did so in a humourous Instagram post on Wednesday (July 3).

He posted a picture of a bunch of bananas with the caption: "Mom just received this beautiful gift."

He also included the avocado emoji and the hashtag 'mylovetobananasisnolongerpure'.

It's sad to see that his love for bananas has been 'tainted' with this incident as it seems that he clearly loves them.

After all, it was in July 2015 that Eddie made a Facebook post of himself eating a banana.

馬鋒吃香蕉 it's getting hot in here!! Banana banana banana #minion #banana #hot #deadlyreclaim #馬鋒

Posted by 彭于晏 Eddie Peng on Sunday, July 12, 2015

If he chooses to take a break, we will miss this OTP indeed.