Eleanor Lee: Why is it an insult if I turn out like my mother Quan Yi Fong?

PHOTO: meWATCH screengrab

When she was a little girl growing up in a single-parent family, her mother was in a bad spot emotionally and got into some trouble, which was then splashed across headlines by the local media in a big way.

In the years since then, some members of the public have left snide comments that the same young girl would grow up to be just like her mother.

Now 21, actress Eleanor Lee has this to say: "Why is it an insult if I turn out like my mother Quan Yi Fong?"

In the latest episode of the meWATCH talkshow Hear U Out, local host Yi Fong continued her interview with her only child. The first segment of the two-parter was aired last Friday.

Mid-way through the episode, Yi Fong said: "I was under medication for a very long time, around ten to 12 years. People who have worked with me would know that back then, I was always either sleeping or waking up from it.

"I also either felt very hyper or felt very low. Once I exploded, which was what the public saw in the news, it meant that I had 'short-circuited' in my brain. Through all this, you were there with me. Were my negative news a form of pressure to you?"

Eleanor ⁠— who appears wise beyond her years in the interview ⁠— replied while occasionally referring to her mother in the third person: "A lot of people said on Facebook and other media that I would definitely grow up to be like my mother, and this and that. I see what you are truly like.

"So when people said those things, I thought to myself, why is it an insult if I turn out like my mother? This is a compliment because my mother is very strong. She could control her emotions to this point, when other people in that same position might have already killed themselves. You were able to reach where you are now. You fell many times but managed to pick yourself up."

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Yi Fong was very shocked and touched at what her daughter said, dabbing at her eyes to wipe away her tears.

Eleanor also added: "No one knows how strong my mother is. I even told her to write her experiences into a book, and maybe someone would turn it into a movie.

"No one can be like her. After going through the bullying and abuses as a child, she had to endure a lot of people's criticisms and pretend to be resilient. Whether it was family or love, she failed in all her relationships. How do you pick yourself up from all these? She was alone. And she had to support a daughter, too."

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