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Ellen Pompeo is ready for Grey’s Anatomy to end after almost 20 years

Ellen Pompeo is ready for Grey’s Anatomy to end after almost 20 years
PHOTO: Reuters

The 52-year-old actress — who plays Dr Meredith Grey in the medical soap drama — is trying to convince people the show needs to come to a natural conclusion.

Speaking to Insider whilst promoting her company Betr Remedies, Ellen said: "I've been trying to focus on convincing everybody that it should end.

"I feel like I'm the super naive one who keeps saying, 'But what's the story going to be, what story are we going to tell?' And everyone's like, 'Who cares, Ellen? It makes a gazillion dollars.'"

The show first aired back in 2005 and has recently concluded its 18th season.

Pompeo aims to move on from the fake medical world to focus on the real one instead but the star is now focused on making an impact on healthcare in real life through her 'Healing Healthcare' Zoom calls — in which she featured in conversation with health workers and discusses issues such as "racism in healthcare".

Ellen said: "The goal was to provide a space for people to have conversations and people to listen to conversations about what healthcare workers were actually going through."

The star is advocating for everyone to be entitled to the same quality of care that does not vary because of personal circumstances like gender, ethnicity, or socioeconomic backgrounds.


Ellen was recently appointed as the chief impact officer at Betr Remedies and explained that the company provides her with a platform to make a difference.

Speaking about her partnership with the brand, she said: "I saw this as a pretty interesting opportunity to be a part of a startup that was addressing some real issues that we have."

"Betr Remedies make over-the-counter medicine and are on a mission to improve medication access in America. That's why for every single product purchased, we donate medication for an American in need."

Betr Remedies are also partnered with non-profit organisation SIRUM who aim to donate unused prescription medications through charitable pharmacies to people in need in order to reduce medical waste.

Pompeo added: "I had no idea how much actual medication goes into landfills."

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