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Elvin Ng: I didn't think I'd still have to 'sell my body' at age 40

Elvin Ng: I didn't think I'd still have to 'sell my body' at age 40
PHOTO: Instagram/elvinngchoonsiong

While going shirtless on the small screen is nothing new for local actor Elvin Ng – remember his shower scene in Channel 8's 2009 drama Together – he certainly didn't think that he would be taking off his top on camera again, at least not at this age. 

In the new Chinese drama Mister Flower, which he stars in, there are numerous bathing scenes where the actor, who turned 40 last Wednesday (Dec 23), is topless.

"Actually, I have always been training and keeping fit. I just didn't think that I would still have to 'sell my body' at this age. However, since it's been many years since I've stripped, it's time to remind the audience that I still have a nice figure and that I'm still an idol," he told Chinese media 8world in an interview, while laughing.

Elvin hopes that audiences will understand that "idols also have depth" and they'll look forward to different types of roles he takes on now that he has entered a new stage in life.


He confessed that just before he turned 40, he was panicking as he felt that he was about to enter the second half of his life. It was only after close friends told him that "40 to 50 is the best 10 years of a man's life" did he realise the truth in the statement.

Part of his momentary crisis was because ever since he entered the entertainment industry and became a public figure, people would have opinions about him, whether it was about his personal life or his work.

"When I was being praised, I felt like people were just flattering me, and when there were negative reviews, I would be discouraged. But I have since matured. Whether it is good or bad, I don't let it affect me. I am happy with where I am in life and I hope that this is just the beginning," he said.

He is also focusing on achieving what he wants. "I want to be able to shine more, not for others to see, but because I have received a lot in the past. And because of that I can work harder and shine brighter."

Mister Flower features actress Rui En, who plays Chen Huahua, as a supernatural being sent by a deity to possess people with flawed behaviours to teach them a lesson. Acting alongside her is Elvin, who plays rich and handsome businessman Gao Yufei.

The show is now available on meWATCH and will premiere on Channel 8 tonight (Dec 31) at 9pm.

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