Eminem claims an intruder into his home threatened to kill him

Rapper Eminem performs Not Afraid at the 2010 BET Awards in Los Angeles, June 27, 2010.
PHOTO: Reuters

Matthew Hughes is currently being held on bail for first-degree home invasion and malicious destruction of a building after allegedly breaking into the Eminen's home in April. The 47-year-old rapper - whose real name is Marshall Mathers - claimed the man was there to do harm to him.

Police officer Adam Hackstock told a court on Wednesday (Sept 9): "At first, Mathers thought Hughes was his nephew, but it was dark and Mathers soon realised he did not know the man in his home…

"When Mr Mathers asked him why he was there, he was told by Mr Hughes that he was there to kill him."<p> <p>The man is said to have entered the house in Michigan by breaking a window near the kitchen, but Eminem's security team were not disturbed.

Instead, the rapper himself confronted the intruder before alerting his security team and escorting him out of the property.

Eminem was not present for the hearing, but a lawyer acting for Hughes said he believed his client had a mental health issue.

The case will continue at Macomb County Circuit court on Sept 28.