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Ex-actress Gigi Lai locked down in Shanghai for more than a month

Ex-actress Gigi Lai locked down in Shanghai for more than a month
PHOTO: Instagram/gigilai_official

SHANGHAI - Former Hong Kong actress Gigi Lai assured her fans on social media that she is doing fine even though she has been quarantined in Shanghai for more than a month.

Lai, 50, flew there with her family on March 17, with reports saying that she was slated to take part in the third season of Chinese reality show Sisters Who Make Waves.

Shanghai was then locked down as the Chinese city stepped up efforts to bring community transmissions of Covid-19 down to zero.

In a social media post on Sunday (April 17), Lai thanked friends who have called her and are concerned about her and her family.

"We are okay and have enough food and supplies," she said, possibly referring to media reports that some residents in Shanghai are struggling to secure food and other supplies due to the lockdown.

Lai said being quarantined more than 30 days was initially something she could not imagine, but there have been unexpected gains for her and her family, as they get to spend more time together.

Lai is married to tycoon Patrick Ma, 66, and they have three daughters: 11-year-old twins Patricia and Gianna, and Pegella, nine.

"We were busy with our work on weekdays, while the children have to go to school," she said. "Our family of five has never tried spending 24 hours together for more than 30 days."

She said the family took this opportunity to play, chat, cook and do housework together, and were quite happy about it.

"It's difficult for the children to stay indoors all days without going out, but I am grateful that my three children have been good and sensible," she said.

"What I can do is to help my daughters help one another and face the situation positively. They have also learnt how to be independent and take care of themselves."

Lai said that the days have been fulfilling despite the limited range of activities.

"I have to do everything myself - from cleaning to changing the light bulb to taking care of the family. Time passed quite quickly until I felt that it was not enough," she said.


She also posted photos and a video of her reading, cooking and doing the housework. She said they were taken by her children and she was very satisfied with the results.

Lai is known for starring in TVB dramas such as War And Beauty (2004), The Charm Beneath (2005) and The Gem Of Life (2008 to 2009).

She retired from show business in 2008 and is now the chairman of a medical aesthetic enterprise that she founded.

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