Ex-matinee idol Patrick Tse, 83, spotted with former girlfriend who is 49 years younger

Patrick Tse had a reunion with relatives at a dinner, and fans are wondering if he is also rekindling ties with an old flame.

The 83-year-old former matinee idol was spotted hosting a meal at a restaurant, with the turnout including some friends and Coco too.

Shanghai model Coco, who is 49 years younger than him, is the woman he dated for 13 years. They reportedly broke up last year because he did not want a marriage.

He divorced Taiwan actress Zhen Zhen, 71, in 1976, and Hong Kong actress Deborah Lee, 68, in 1995.

In the restaurant, Coco helped Tse to entertain the guests by making small talk.

Later, NetEase reported that the two returned to his home after his relatives headed back to their hotel.

Tse first met the model, who is now 34, in 2005.

At one point in their relationship, there were pregnancy rumours.

Tse revealed that they had split up in 2018 but media outlets reported that they could have reconciled later that year, and that she continued to visit him.

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A few months ago, she was spotted driving his car.

Despite the sightings, pundits do not think that Tse is reconsidering marriage even as he reportedly said life as a single could be lonely.

He lamented that when he woke up each day, "I stare at the sea and eat alone".

For now, his romantic life rivals those of Nicholas Tse and Jennifer Tse - his two children with Lee - in terms of twists and turns.

Nicholas Tse, 39, has long been dogged by rumours over an impending marriage to Chinese singer Faye Wong, 50.

He divorced Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung, 39, in 2011 while Wong and Chinese actor Li Yapeng, 48, split up in 2013.

Jennifer Tse, 37, gave birth to a daughter in February but has not revealed the identity of the father.

This article was first published in The Straits Times. Permission required for reproduction.