Expect "Stranger Things" to happen at Halloween Horror Nights 2018

If going to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Singapore is your yearly ritual whenever October rolls around, you'll be in for a surprise this year.

Instead of the usual ghosts and scary stuff that will scare Singaporeans, this will scare the lights out of fans of Netflix original series, Stranger Things.

If you're unfamiliar with the show, it touches on alternate dimensions, monsters, and strange things. OK, for real, it's a pretty terrifying but addictive show (this writer watched both seasons on mute).

It follows the story of a girl, Eleven, who has supernatural powers and had inadvertently opened a portal to a parallel universe, the Upside Down. Monsters dubbed by the characters as Demogorgon started terrorising the town.

For Halloween Horror Nights, Universal Studios Singapore will be transformed to reflect scenes from the drama. You will also encounter characters from the drama - including Demogorgon(s) and their chittering noises - as you walk through the mazes. Just thinking about it sends chills down our spines!

According to the press release, some things that would be recreated include the Hawkins National Laboratory, the Upside Down woods (OMG) and the flashing Christmas lights at the Byers home.

Though USS is not spoiling the fun for us, we wouldn't be surprised if a Demogorgon walks out through the walls in the mazes.

Can't wait till October to see it for yourself? Halloween Horror Nights begins on Sept 28, 2018 at Universal Studios Singapore. If you really can't wait, Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando will be launching their Halloween Horror Nights on September 14.

This article was first published in CLEO Singapore