Fann Wong reveals she wanted to 'murder' Christopher Lee during The Return of the Condor Heroes

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee in The Return of the Condor Heroes.
PHOTO: Mediacorp

Singapore's own celebrity power couple Fann Wong and Christopher Lee have been the gold standard of relationships, with rumours about their romance starting as early as 1998 after their series The Return of the Condor Heroes — where they played lovers Xiao Long Nv and Yang Guo.

However, 49-year-old Fann cleared the air during Quan Yi Fong's new talkshow Hear U Out. When asked what they thought of each other then, Fann replied: "At that time, both of us probably wanted to murder the other."

Fann recalled how Christopher was always late and once, she had to go to his home to wake him up. When Yi Fong asked why she forgave Christopher so easily, Fann said: "Because we had to start filming, otherwise we would end late! Most importantly, I had already done my make-up... I don't want to waste the two hours I spent doing my make-up."

Aside from his tardiness, Fann was also put off by the stench from a scarf that Christopher wore as part of his costume. It was drenched in perspiration and rain, and she had to lean on it during her scenes with him. Fann exclaimed: "Oh please! You think I could love him then? It's not possible."

"You know why I hated him during The Return of The Condor Heroes? Because he was more vain than me," she confessed, and said that Christopher had a bigger mirror than her and he was always adjusting his hair.

Fun fact, according to Yi Fong, the couple only got together while working on the 2000 series Looking for Stars, and have been in a loving relationship since.

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