Fann Wong's heartfelt message to her son will give you the warm fuzzies

"Mummy thinks the world is nothing short of beautiful, because of you."
PHOTO: Instagram/fannaiaiwong

Watching your child grow up can bring about a kind of unexplained sentimentality. As much as you hope that they can grow up faster, you also wish that time would slow down so that you can savour each and every moment spent together.

There are moments that trigger these waves of emotions and thoughts — and it happened recently to local actress Fann Wong during a recent yacht trip to Pulau Hantu with her six-year-old son Zed.

With her husband, local actor Christopher Lee, away in Taiwan for work, the mother-son duo took to an array of sea-faring activities while accompanied by friends, as documented in an Instagram post on Oct 27.

Fann also uploaded videos and photographs of their leisurely time spent at sea where they engaged in activities such as swimming, kayaking and watching the sunset together. 

It is perhaps also what prompted the 49-year-old Ah Jie to express her heartfelt emotions in the post. She penned the following message to Zed:

To my dear baby.

Hey, baby

Mummy thinks the world is nothing short of beautiful, because of you.

Really hope to see you grow up quickly,

go to school, graduate, work, get married, have children

to experience the simple happiness that most people enjoy,

[I wonder] what kind of occupation you will pursue,

scientist, lawyer, astronaut [or] an artist

or would you become an actor just like your father and I,

regardless of what you become, as long as you are filled with ideals and full of happiness. 

[At the same time] I also hope for you to grow up slowly,

to be able to pause during the carefree days in your childhood,

without worries and [to be able] to laugh innocently,

We’ll go hand in hand,

from sunrise to sunset,

Mummy will teach you to become more familiar with this novel world,

Thank you, baby

for giving me the identity of a mother,

Thank you, my baby

For healing [me] with your beauty,

Thank you, baby

Mummy is ready to fight and be brave anytime because of you.

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This article was first published in theAsianparent.