Food poisoning so bad Nancy Sit thought she was going to die

PHOTO: Weibo

It was a Mother's Day to forget.

Veteran actress Nancy Sit suffered from suspected food poisoning after eating raw oysters at a restaurant in China.

After returning from the event, the Hong Kong star experienced headaches and vomiting, before going into shock and passing out for at least two minutes in the toilet.

"After I vomited, my whole face was in the bathtub. There was vomit everywhere and my limbs felt numb."

Nancy even thought her time was up.

Luckily she regained consciousness and immediately called for her daughter to send her to the hospital.

Although it was traumatic, the jolly 69-year-old joked that she lost so much weight from the incident that Michael Tse would be able to carry her during their Macau concert next month.

Nancy is most well known for playing the character Aunt Ho in long-running Cantonese series A Kindred Spirit.