Former actor Vincent Ng and wife expecting a boy

Vincent Ng will soon be a dad.

The 42-year-old former actor confirmed with Shin Min Daily News that his wife is six months pregnant with a boy.

He told the Chinese daily that they decided to try for a baby shortly after getting hitched in July last year, and succeeded after trying for about three months.

As his wife is pregnant at 39 years old, Ng said he couldn't help but worry about her.

But pre-natal checks have shown that both mum and baby are in good health. She also did not experience morning sickness or pregnancy blues.

As a sporty person even before she got pregnant, Ng's wife has kept up with her daily exercise with yoga, strolls, and some light weight-lifting.

She has since taken a break from work to focus on nurturing their baby, said the dad-to-be.

With a son on the way, will Ng strive for a daughter next?

A baby girl will be a bonus, and "the more children, the merrier," the martial arts champion said. He and his wife are financially stable and able to provide a loving environment for their kids.

And when their first wedding anniversary comes around next month, Ng says the couple will celebrate it with a pregnancy photo shoot.