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Former badminton state player Shaun Chen shows he still got the moves in sports show

Former badminton state player Shaun Chen shows he still got the moves in sports show
Shaun Chen on the latest episode of The Star Athlete.
PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/Mediacorp - Entertainment

Once a sportsman, forever a sportsman.

On the latest episode of The Star Athlete released yesterday (April 10), the blue team led by Qi Yuwu is pitted against the green team led by Jeremy Chan in badminton.

Among the players present was special guest Shaun Chen, a former state player for Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, who had played the sport for 13 years.

The 44-year-old's skill was palpable instantly.

His doubles partner, actress Ye Jia Yun, commented that he taught her "many new ways to play and also where to stand for doubles", adding that he was "a great help".

In the second round of six versus six, Shaun scored two points for the blue team with ease and showed his prowess with his relentless attacks, leaving the green team with two players against four from the blue team.


In the third round, Shaun and Jia Yun, 21, managed to work well as a team and he overwhelmed his opponents with his high and impactful smashes.

The blue team also consisted of Jernelle Oh and Zhu Zeliang, while the green team included Hazelle Teo, Juin Teh and Seow Sin Nee.

Zhang Yaodong was the special guest for the green team, and there was also a guest appearance by national badminton player Loh Kean Yew.

National badminton players Jason Teh and Yeo Jia Min coached the green team and blue team respectively.

Wong Shoon Keat, a Southeast Asian Games gold medallist for badminton, and Loh's brother Loh Kean Hean, also a national badminton player, trained the two teams on different skills.

'Did you see that, Jeremy?'

Yuwu didn't pale in comparison either. He shared that he used to play badminton often seven or eight years ago.


The 46-year-old's performance was impressive and received praise from their coaches.

Yeo commented that Yuwu had a lot of power in his shots, while Wong commented that his footwork was good.

Yuwu also managed to do the jump smash move, which he admires when he watches badminton matches: "When athletes jump, they look so cool. I really want to do that move."

Once he executed the move, Yuwu flaunted his success with a smirk: "Did you see that, Jeremy?"

Shortly after, he won by a huge lead of 21-13 against Juin in a singles match.

Eventually, Yuwu's blue team won, in no small way thanks to the boost from Shaun.


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