Former Mediacorp actress Florence Tan, 43, exhausted after first week in university

PHOTO: Instagram/florencetan.xiuli

Looks like university is scary for anyone, no matter how old you are.

In an Instagram post last week, Malaysian actress Florence Tan, who's currently based in Hong Kong, shared how exhausted she was in her first week studying health science after recently enrolling in University of the People.

She lamented that on the first day of school, her lecturer had already given her several books, videos, and essays to look through.

"I'm already old, I don't have the energy to study at night. I'm mentally and physically exhausted," she wrote.

Like any other student, the 43-year-old is also afraid of not being able to finish her essays and having to re-do them.

However, she received sagely encouragement from her 12-year-old daughter Novea, who said: "It's like this when school begins, it is very chaotic. It will be fine after a while as you get used to it."

The former Mediacorp artiste married Taiwanese businessman Jack Liu in 2006, subsequently leaving Singapore and following her husband to relocate to Hong Kong.

Two years later, Florence gave birth to twin daughters, Viola and Novea. She is currently focused on her family but continues to film on an ad-hoc basis.