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Frankie Muniz's wedding disrupted by 3 metre-high flames

Frankie Muniz's wedding disrupted by 3 metre-high flames
PHOTO: Instagram/frankiemuniz4

Frankie Muniz's wedding was interrupted by "10-foot (3 metre) flames" when the decorations caught fire.

The 34-year-old actor was about to begin exchanging vows with Paige Price in front of their 40 guests when disaster struck, but fortunately it wasn't enough to completely ruin the ceremony.

Frankie explained: "Paige had decided she wanted dry florals for the decor, and we also had candles lining the walkway. They looked incredible. But right as the officiant started, some of the flowers were knocked into a candle and literally, 10-foot flames. Everyone was screaming!

"They put it out really quickly and then we just continued. It was definitely a memorable moment!"

The former Malcolm in the Middle actor and his bride officially tied the knot last October while waiting for their home to be renovated following a flood, but were still keen to hold a formal wedding celebration.

They initially planned to have it at their Phoenix home but just days before the ceremony, the couple had a change of heart.

Frankie explained to People magazine: "It was just five of us there. We hiked up Camelback Mountain at sunset and just got married!

"But we still wanted to have a wedding. And we planned on it being pretty small so we could have it at our house. Timing was perfect, but then 10 days before, we realised, there is no way we can have it here. We waited a year and a half for our house to be built, no way am I having the floors scratched!

"We planned a wedding in 10 days. And it turned out better than we could have imagined."

Frankie and Paige shunned tradition and got ready for the wedding together.

He said: "It was a really cool experience. Walking out [into the ceremony] holding hands was just magical."

They then enjoyed a five-course dinner catered by The Dressing Room, which included steak, sea bass, bee pollen panna cotta, and maple bread pudding with vanilla ice cream.


Frankie said: "We didn't need a party. We just wanted it to be about us and having a nice meal and connecting with our friends and family."

The couple are now looking forward to the next chapter in their lives.

Frankie gushed: "I never thought the wedding would have such a big impact on me. It was the most magical thing we've ever done together. I already love Paige more than a human can love someone, but this made me love her even more.

"I'm so happy to be married. We are just enjoying it all. And we definitely want to have kids!"

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