Fresh start for Vivian Hsu post-Wang Leehom saga as her son starts primary school in Singapore

Fresh start for Vivian Hsu post-Wang Leehom saga as her son starts primary school in Singapore
Taiwanese singer Vivian Hsu documented her child Dalton's first day of primary school on social media.
PHOTO: Instagram/vivianhsu.ironv

SINGAPORE - Many parents posted photos of their children's first day of school on Tuesday (Jan 4) and Taiwanese singer Vivian Hsu was no exception.

Hsu, 46, looks to have put behind negative publicity arising from the Wang Leehom divorce saga with her first social media post of 2022, documenting her only child Dalton's first day of primary school.

On Tuesday, Hsu, who shuttles between Singapore and Taiwan, wrote: "I accompanied him in adjusting to the primary school routine by sleeping at 8.30pm on three consecutive nights and waking up at 6am.

"He learnt to button his shirt, tuck his shirt neatly into his shorts, check if the things in his bag are complete, protect his small wallet and memorise the phone numbers of his house and parents."

Hsu, who has a cameo in Netflix Taiwanese drama Light The Night, has been married to Singapore-based businessman Sean Lee since 2014.

She said she has been preparing Dalton for Primary 1 by dealing with his feelings of anxiety about an unfamiliar environment for instance.

She said her son was ready for school 10 minutes before the scheduled time to leave the house on Tuesday.

"I will be there and will not be absent at key moments in your life," concluded Hsu in her post.


Hsu was dragged into singer Wang's divorce spat with his estranged wife Lee Jinglei in December, but Hsu denied that she was the third party in their marriage.

Hsu's husband also stepped in to defend her, saying he believed her and calling for an end to the online harassment against her.

Meanwhile, singer Miko of Singaporean pop duo BY2 has spoken up for her younger twin sister Yumi after the latter was dragged into Wang's divorce spat.

Yumi, 29, was rumoured to be involved in an extramarital affair with Wang, 45. She has denied seeing the singer after he got married and claimed that she was his former girlfriend.

She later reportedly tried to take her life after that and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.


In a social media post on Saturday, her sister Miko wrote: "New year, new wishes. It is a pity the new year is unable to take away the trauma caused by rumours. I hope the person I care for the most can be discharged from hospital soon and regain her health."

Miko said she has been in the entertainment industry for more than 13 years and has been through ups and downs, but it is not possible to remain composed all the time.

"Do not judge a person from other people's can judge whether a bottle of soft drink is nice only after you have drunk it," she said.

"Help one another instead of resorting to bad deeds. There are cracks everywhere and that is where the light comes in."

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