Friendship goals: S.H.E holidays in Hokkaido with their families

PHOTO: Weibo/Milton Jen

Our days of seeing Taiwanese girl group S.H.E perform together may be over after they left record company HIM International Music last year to strike out on their own.

But Selina, Hebe and Ella's sisterhood is still going strong after 18 years.

As long-time fans can attest, the close-knit trio has been celebrating each other's milestones in life, just like real sisters would.

This week, fans are gushing over heartwarming photos of the group going on overseas trips with their families, shared by Selina's dad Milton in a Weibo post.

Photo: Weibo/Milton Jen

The holiday snaps were taken when the ladies went on a big family trip to Hokkaido last August, with their parents, siblings, other half, and a baby in tow.

Of course, there were also photos of S.H.E posing happily before fields of blooming flowers.

"Looking forward to this year's trip!" Milton wrote.

Friendship goals, anyone?

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