Garena announces Free Fire tie-up with the new Venom movie Let There Be Carnage

PHOTO: Sony Pictures Releasing

With all the talk about multiverse-spanning epics, let’s not forget that Venom: Let There Be Carnage is just around the corner. And there’s a crossover here you might not have expected – Garena has set up one with its Free Fire franchise.

Free Fire x Venom: Let There Be Carnage crossover will launch on Oct 10 and the dedicated in-game event will feature elements of Venom and Carnage as well as exclusive content from the upcoming Venom movie. Garena producer Harold Teo felt that Venom is an apt reflection of Free Fire’s gameplay, which is to create chaos and eliminate enemies to survive.

‘Embrace the Chaos’ as it’s called, will feature a variety of playable content, in-game items and collectables. And as to be expected, players can deck their characters out in costume bundles tied to the upcoming movie and collect exclusive content that stem from the collaboration.

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And that’s not just the extent of their collaboration, apparently. What’s more surprising is that Garena has teased the fact that elements of Free Fire will be “hidden away” in the movie, they’re asking players to keep a lookout. Garena will also drop more crossover surprises soon via their Facebook and YouTube channels.

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