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George Clooney feels lucky to have survived motorcycle crash

George Clooney feels lucky to have survived motorcycle crash
George Clooney speaks at a news conference during an event about corruption in Africa, in London, Britain, Sept 19, 2019.
PHOTO: Reuters

George Clooney was involved in an accident on the Italian island of Sardinia while filming the miniseries Catch-22, and he admits he was fortunate to survive the dramatic crash.

The 59-year-old actor told The Independent: "I got lucky there. I flipped through the air and ended up landing on my knees. I could have landed on any other part of my body and been dead."

The Hollywood star was taken to hospital after the crash, although his injuries were not serious and he was soon discharged. However, his wife Amal banned him from getting on a motorbike after the accident.

George said: "You learn you're not allowed to ride motorcycles. My wife said, 'That's enough.'"

The Midnight Sky star also revealed that he experienced another close brush with death when he was held at gunpoint in South Sudan.

He recalled: "I had one time in South Sudan where we got pulled over and had guns stuck to our heads. They wanted to rob our truck."

Meanwhile, George recently claimed Amal would make a great US President.


The actor insisted it would be a "perfect world" if his wife got the keys to the White House. 

He said: "Well, there are certain laws that you have to be an American citizen, but in a perfect world, Amal for President, I would be happy to be First Man…

"I would be doing all the laundry and mopping the floors. Listen, the world would be a lot better if it was run by Amal and the Amals of the world. Well, it would certainly be a more peaceful world. We know that for sure.

"I am all for it. We are well due for a female President, maybe we will in the future. We have a female Vice President, so that is exciting."

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