Girls' Generation Taeyeon reveals she is struggling with depression

PHOTO: Instagram/taeyeon_ss

South Korean singer Kim Taeyeon opened up to fans about her struggles with depression in a rare Q&A session on her Instagram stories. 

The idol took to the social media platform's question and answer function to reach out to her fans on June 16. 

Many fans had noticed the 30-year-old singer's recent shift in mood as she suddenly stopped uploading vlogs to Youtube and even changed her Instagram profile picture to a black photo. 

So a fan went on the star's Instagram stories to ask whether she was doing well, to which Taeyeon replied "no".  

Photo: Instagram

Another question seemed to slam the idol, asking her if she was "suffering from bipolar disorder, tsk tsk."

Photo: Instagram

Not one to shy away from the topic, the singer responded to the question and revealed that she is currently on medication for depression. 

She went on to chide the user, "Whether it's bipolar disorder or depression, you should not 'tsk tsk' at people. Like someone said previously, it is disrespectful. They are all patients who are suffering."

Another fan asked if she had ways to get through a slump, but Taeyeon responded that she could not overcome her condition and is living through it. 

Photo: Instagram

As the tone of the session started to become darker, fans started to flood the idol's Instagram page with words of encouragement. 

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One fan shared that she was also suffering from depression, but said she's determined to overcome it and asked Taeyeon to join her in her fight. 

Photo: Instagram

In response to a person who sent her a virtual hug, Taeyeon said that it was very comforting to be able to open up to her fans in this manner. 

Photo: Instagram

In a translation by Soompi, she wrote, "I’m going to be okay. I’m sorry for making you worry, but I think that this is another way for us to get to know each other better."

"I will take better care of myself. For the fans who deserve all the good things in the world.”

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