Gossip mill: How Moses Chan and Wayne Lai resist temptation in showbiz - and other entertainment news this week

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How Moses Chan and Wayne Lai resist temptation in showbiz

During a recent interview with Hong Kong media about their new TVB drama Death By Zero, veteran Hong Kong actors Wayne Lai and Moses Chan were asked if they are similar to their womanising characters.

Wayne, 56, joked: "I don't think I have what it takes [to be popular with women]! The director gave me a chance to live a life like this [in the drama] probably because he knows that I don't enjoy such [a lifestyle] in real life."

Moses added: "I feel that Wayne and I are both able to differentiate right from wrong. If we sense that there's something strange going on, we'll [be on our guard] and leave... It's easy to [sense] when something is wrong. If someone is testing the waters with you but you don't respond [in the way that they want you to], they'll back off on their own."

Both actors are happily married with kids. Wayne married his manager Julia Leung in 1997 and the couple has a 21-year-old son, Lai Ching Kiu. As for Moses, he married Hong Kong actress Aimee Chan and they have three children — seven-year-old Aiden, five-year-old Nathan, and four-year-old Camilla.

Is Coco Lee's marriage on the rocks?

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In a now-deleted Weibo post, Coco Lee wrote that it requires a huge amount of courage and time to heal a broken spirit. While it's unclear what kind of setback she experienced, netizens speculated that her marriage with 61-year-old Bruce Rockowitz is on the rocks.

Coco's sister (and manager) Nancy Lee told Hong Kong media: "Coco is undergoing self-reflection and it's not convenient for her to comment on anything."

It requires a huge amount of courage and time to heal a broken spirit. You are not born with courage. It is obtained from continuously learning, honing and fighting for it. I'm still learning and fighting for it. I hope... I hope... 
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Nancy also assured the media that if Coco is indeed divorcing her hubby, the 45-year-old singer will let everyone know. She revealed that she met the couple for a meal last week, but clarified that just because a couple "meets every day, it doesn't mean everything is all right".

She remained tight-lipped about the situation but said: "I won't say they're doing well, but I won't say it's bad either." However, she urged netizens not to be too sensitive about the post as Coco has more time on her hands now to reflect on life and perhaps, she was just sharing her thoughts.

Jay Chou calls out restaurant for sharing CCTV stills of him, owner responds

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Imagine having a meal at a restaurant and realising later that CCTV stills of you are floating about the online sphere.

That's what happened to Mandopop king Jay Chou, who took to Instagram Story on July 14 to question the motive behind the act. He shared a screengrab of an article that had CCTV footage of him dining at a restaurant and asked: "What's the meaning behind using a CCTV to take photos [of me]?"

In a subsequent Instagram Story, he shared details of the restaurant and added: "Is this the kind of service a restaurant should have? Helping their customers take photos using the CCTV?"

大家請息怒 可以聽我說明嗎? 本人在這先跟周董周杰倫先生說 對不起...

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The restaurant owner later apologised publicly to Jay via Facebook, and said that they didn't teach their staff properly. The owner explained that the waitress who served Jay and his friends didn't recognise him until later when the group had left. She then asked her boss, who confirmed it via CCTV footage.

The waitress regretted not recognising the superstar earlier, and hence, the boss passed her a still from the CCTV footage as a memento. In her excitement, she shared the photo on Facebook, not expecting that her friends will circulate it, making it go viral.