Gossip mill: Tough mum Cherrie Ying forces son to learn Chinese, says 'He doesn't need to like me too much' - and other entertainment news this week

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Tough mum Cherrie Ying forces son, 7, to learn Chinese, says 'He doesn't need to like me too much'

Hong Kong actress Cherrie Ying is tough on her son Jasper and doesn't care if he dislikes her because of it.

In one episode of the Chinese reality show Welcome To New Life, 37-year-old Cherrie (wife of Hong Kong actor Jordan Chan) was teaching Jasper Chinese but he didn't have a good attitude and yawned while he was being taught. He couldn't differentiate between Chinese words which have a similar sound and also forgot what he was already taught.

Finally, Cherrie scolded her son and he teared up. However, she reprimanded him and said: "You have to know Chinese. It's no use being upset."

She also told him not to pretend that everything is okay just because he's keeping quiet. Cherrie explained that Jasper is weak at Chinese because he's enrolled in an international school. When asked if she is worried that Jasper would hate her, she replied: "It's normal to hate me. My mother didn't push me, and I didn't hate her. Which is why I turned out the way I did. He doesn't need to like me too much." 

Sharon Au comes clean about her fake marriage

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You might have spotted former celebrity Sharon Au with a diamond ring on her wedding finger but there's a story behind it. And no, it doesn't involve a bended knee.

On the contrary, she spun a lie about her relationship status because she was tired of being asked about it. In the latest episode of the meWATCH talkshow Hear U Out, she addressed a viewer's question on why she had spread the fake news about being married, describing it as one of her life's "biggest regrets".

Sharon, 45, explained: "I had just returned from Japan after graduating university and the only questions people asked were if I was married or attached. And I thought, if I were a 37-year-old man who had just returned after graduation, I'd be asked about my job instead of my relationship status. So, I decided to simply lie and say that I was married, and I went and bought myself a ring."

Her plan worked because no one else asked about her relationship, she said, "as if getting married was the perfect ending for a woman". But, her lies unraveled when she decided to move to Paris in 2018. Sharon was asked what her husband thought about her big move, and she was stumped and decided to come clean.

And in case you're still wondering, Sharon revealed that she is still single.

Ex-Mediacorp actor Zhang Zhenhuan reveals he's going to be a dad

Christmas is close and everyone's expecting a surprise in the form of a wrapped gift. But for ex-Mediacorp actor Zhang Zhenhuan — who goes by the name Zhang Zhenxuan now — he's getting the gift of parenthood.

In an Instagram post on Friday (Nov 27), the 36-year-old actor, who is based in Beijing, made a surprise announcement that his girlfriend Sally Pan is pregnant. In the photo, the couple is dressed in Christmas-themed outfits and Pan is sporting a big baby bump.

Zhenghuan wrote: "I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

The news is a surprise in more ways than one as the actor reportedly split up with Pan and they hadn't followed each other on social media since April 2019. However, the lovebirds have clearly kissed and made up.

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