Hailee Steinfeld reportedly been dating Josh Allen for 'a few weeks'

Hailee Steinfeld reportedly been dating Josh Allen for 'a few weeks'
PHOTO: Instagram/haileesteinfeld, Instagram/ joshallenqb

Hailee Steinfeld has reportedly been dating Josh Allen for "a few weeks".

The 26-year-old actress has recently been spotted with the 27-year-old sports star in New York City, and according to an insider, the celebrity duo make a "cute couple".

The source told People: "It's new, but they are having fun."

Hailee and Josh - who plays for the Buffalo Bills in the NFL - were first spotted together last week, and they were subsequently seen together on what appeared to be a double date.

Despite this, Hailee - who previously dated pop star Niall Horan - and Josh have so far remained tight-lipped about their relationship status.

Meanwhile, Hailee also recently revealed that she'd love to settle down at some stage.

The actress admitted that she feels more confident "than ever" and is looking forward to meeting the right partner.

Hailee told People: "I ultimately want someone who supports me and who I can support and cheer on and be their biggest fan.


"I've been lucky enough to spend so much time with my family recently, and I have so many shining examples of what it should feel like to be with someone that makes you a better you and happy.

"I'm not really looking, so I don't have a list of things. But I think the right person comes along when they do, and I imagine that's the greatest thing ever."

On the other hand, Hailee insisted she wasn't obsessing about the issue.

The actress also feels "grateful" for where she's at in her career.

She said: "It's an exciting thought to me, that part of life happening when it does, and I can only hope that it emulates what I grew up around. Right now, I feel more confident in who I am than ever, and I just feel so grateful to be doing what I love."

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