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Who is Han So-hee? 5 things to know about The World of the Married actress who is now in Netflix’s Nevertheless

Who is Han So-hee? 5 things to know about The World of the Married actress who is now in Netflix’s Nevertheless
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If you've watched The World of the Married, you'd be familiar with Han So-hee, the gorgeous actress who got her big break when she played the infamous mistress, Yeo Da-kyung, in the record-breaking K-drama. 

Since then, the 26-year-old has bagged other roles such as Yoo Na-bi in the recently launched Netflix show Nevertheless which also stars Sweet Home heartthrob Song Kang. 


In the show, Song Kang plays Park Jae-eon, a cheerful university student who isn't interested in a romantic relationship and is only keen in flirting around. 

That is until he bumps into Na-bi, who begins to change his outlook on love. 

If you're curious to know more about this stunning starlet, read on to learn five interesting facts about her. 

1. She was an art major 

We all know that So-hee is a mighty talented actress, but did you know that she also has a background in art?

After deciding that she wanted to delve into the world of acting, she dropped out of university — where she was an art major — before moving to Seoul to pursue her dream. 


However, her passion for art never left — she still dabbles in the hobby once in a while and even uploads photos of her artwork onto Instagram. 

As Nevertheless is set in an art school, her knack for art really stood out and she was the only cast member who did not need to take additional art classes for the show. 

"The art director was very fond of her because she already knows where to go, what to do and she's really good with all the utensils as well," said Kim Ga-ram, director of Nevertheless, during a recent press conference held for regional media attended by So-hee and Song Kang. 

So-hee even gets a chance to show off her arts skills in a scene where her character, Na-bi, had to draw a picture. Viewers can also try to spot her art pieces which are proudly displayed in Na-bi's room. 

2. She made her entertainment debut in SHINee's music video, Tell Me What To Do 

Before landing roles in K-dramas, So-hee made her first appearance in SHINee's Tell Me What To Do music video. 

"I didn't even have an agency at that time so I got scouted through my own SNS (social media)," she told BNTNews in an interview. 


Subsequently, the photogenic beauty also made appearances in three other music videos — That Girl, The Hardest Part and You&I

3. She had her big break in The World of the Married and it changed her life

After snagging the role of Da-kyung, So-hee experienced unprecedented popularity. 

"It's actually astounding. My life has changed. I’m not saying I’m happy that my life has changed, but I mean my life has literally changed, and I feel this is not something I have achieved," she said during an interview with The Korea Herald

Understandably, the hate she received for her role as Da-kyung also played a part in helping her rise the ranks, and So-hee herself agreed that Da-kyung was a pitiable character. 

“When I read the script, I felt sorry for Da Kyung. I thought, ‘Why must she behave this way to this point?'," she told Dazed magazine

4. Her role model is co-star Kim Hee Ae from The World of the Married

Getting to share the stage with legendary Kim Hee Ae left So-hee starstruck, and she was inspired to work hard so that she could be like her role model. 

"After seeing her, I have come to think that I want to be like her. The roles played by Kim Hee Ae are mostly of women who lead the store, and I want to play such kind of characters too," she said in an interview with Grazia.

5. She came to Seoul with less than $355 in her pocket 

Life for So-hee was not always smooth sailing — would you believe that she came to Seoul with less than 300,000 South Korean won (S$355) on her? 

According to South China Morning Post, a since-deleted article on Daum revealed that a young So-hee went to Seoul alone at the tender age of 19. Before her debut, she toiled hard at part-time jobs to make ends meet and one of her gigs was at a beer joint. 

Nevertheless is now streaming on Netflix, with new episodes released every week. 

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