Harvard student or not? Christine Fan speaks out after being accused of lying about educational background

Harvard student or not? Christine Fan speaks out after being accused of lying about educational background
PHOTO: Instagram/fanfan

Studying in Harvard Extension School still means she was a Harvard student… right?

Mandopop singer Christine Fan, or more commonly known as Fanfan, made her entrance into showbiz in 2000 as the beautiful and smart "Harvard girl".

Less known to all, however, was the fact that the 43-year-old studied at Harvard Extension School and not the private Ivy League Harvard University.

This recently aroused a hot debate over her supposed prestigious education background.

Sick of accusations, Christine took to Weibo on Thursday (May 9) to address allegations made regarding her education history.

Christine addressing the allegations made towards her education history on her Weibo today (May 9).Photo: Weibo/范范范瑋琪

"I studied at Harvard Extension School, and also studied at Pomona College, Scripps and Umass Amherst. I have never lied about my educational background," the star explained.

"Over the years, such accusations really upset me. But I have a clear conscience. I held it in and did not say much because I was lazy to defend myself," added Christine.

She then 'thanked' the accusers for always showing so much concern about her education, persona, and everything about her.

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"As a public figure, I will bear all of these," the mother of two wrote.

Following that, the accusers dug out one of Christine's old interviews.

On a show, the host asked if Christine was indeed a Harvard University economics major, and she replied immediately, "Yes, (I'm in my) second year."

The host then praised her, saying how tough it was to get admitted into Harvard. She concurred and said, "Yes, it is indeed hard to get in," and added that her younger brother was also studying at Harvard.

As for the truth?

Christine majored in tax law at Pomona College in Los Angeles, but dropped out and transferred to Harvard Extension School to study economics during her second year.

She only did a semester there before returning to Taiwan for her music career. The singer never completed the programme.


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