Having a bad day? Netflix and chill (literally) with these feel-good shows

PHOTO: Pixabay

After a long and tough day at work, sometimes all we need to re-energise is to kick back and watch some good TV, or more simply, mindless entertainment.

Instead of wallowing in sadness and indulging in tearjerkers, a feel-good movie or variety show may be the way to go.

Though it can be quite mundane to spend a long time scrolling through your Netflix library in search of a good flick, here are some of our recommendations that will definitely perk up your spirits!


Here's five gay guys with a goal to 'make America fabulous again'.

The 'Fab Five', as they are known, travel around the country to give straight men (mostly) the makeover of their lives.

Each an expert in their fields of interior design, food, grooming and culture, the quintet not only 'teach' their students how to look good on the outside, but also let those who are insecure or down in their lives re-discover their inner beauty.

The series was recently renewed for a third season and fans of the series even raised $10,000 to help one of the individuals in the series after she got evicted from her home.

How's that for restoring faith in humanity?


The feeling of being defeated is shameful and even hard to handle for some.

This docu-series trails some of the biggest losers in sports history, and what they did to pick themselves back up.

Witness how eight athletes show their grit and resilience in their journey back to glory after suffering big losses in their sports.

We could certainly use the new-found determination after binging through this series.


Put a white man in a country where he does not speak the language and what do you get? Hilariously awkward moments.

Late night talk show host Conan O' Brien goes on a journey to far-flung locations and tries to immerse himself in the local culture.

From having a cameo in a telenovela in Mexico, to conducting the first-ever talk show at the North Korean border, the series will definitely tickle your funny bone.

While these recommendations may not spark joy immediately, they definitely would comfort you after a long and tiring day.