Hawker and single mum credits Chow Yun Fat for turning her business, and life, around

Wang Lili, a single mother of two, who owns an eatery in Tai Po district, Hong Kong, recently expressed her gratitude for Chow's help in reviving her loss-making business.
PHOTO: Facebook

Celebrities often wield influence over our lives, be it positive or negative, and in the case of Hong Kong actor Chow Yun Fat, his is one example of how stars can use their influence to do good.

Often praised by the public for being an amicable and approachable person who tries his best to help the needy, Chow or 'Fat Gor' (brother Fat) as he is popularly known, was in the spotlight recently for using his influence to promote the business of a single mother.

Wang Lili, a single mother of two, who owns an eatery in Tai Po district, Hong Kong, recently expressed her gratitude in media reports for his help in reviving her loss-making business.

Wang, who used to be a stay-at-home mum, had to re-enter the workforce to bring home the bacon after her husband, who was the breadwinner of the family, died suddenly in 2013.

Despite receiving financial assistance from the government, her wish to provide more for her two sons led to her grit her teeth and set up a 'chee cheong fun' (rice noodle roll) business, borrowing about 1 million HKD (close to S$200,000) from her family.

However, business was poor, and she was making losses of about S$5,000 every month.

Despite this, Wang sought to improve her culinary skills, waking up at 6am every day in order to make the trek to Shenzhen to learn how to make chee cheong fun from a couple there.

The story of Wang's hard work and determination was reported in the media and earned her the support of residents in the area. Little did she know that it would also reach the ears of Chow, who came to patronise her stall upon learning of her situation.

She is indebted towards Chow, whom she deems to be her lucky star.

"One weekend, there was a long queue outside the shop. At that time, I heard someone calling out to me. That person turned out to be 'Fat Gor'. I was overwhelmed that a big celebrity like him would actually go out of his way to patronise my shop in such a remote location. I feel that I am really lucky. Because of him, many people came to visit my shop. He brought luck to my business and revived it. I am really thankful to him."

After his patronage, the number of customers spiked, and her business finally turned a profit. 

However, she has no way to repay him as he refuses to eat at her stall for free, reported Global News.

Wang says she can only wish him good health and give back to society in her own little ways, such as funding the classes of needy children from single parent families. 

After all, one good turn deserves another, right?