'He has to be tall,' says actress Qin Lan on her ideal boyfriend

The 'empress' has spoken.

Qin Lan, who plays the beloved Fucha Rong Yin in the hit imperial drama Story of Yanxi Palace, is single and has a preference for tall guys.

The 37-year-old Chinese actress, a 'goddess' in many people's eyes, has also been voted as the 'ideal wife' by netizens recently.

"They must be lying, because I'm not married yet," Qin Lan chuckled.

Oozing elegance in her champagne gold gown, she revealed in an interview with AsiaOne on Saturday (Dec 22) that she's not seeing anyone at the moment.

So, what does Qin Lan look for in a boyfriend?

The actress said she's not very particular about looks, but hopes that her boyfriend will be tall because she's of average height.

He has to have a sense of humour and share similar views with her so that they can have a great relationship.

But most importantly, he has to be kind, she said.

Just when we thought her Yanxi Palace co-star Lawrence Wong might fit the bill, Qin Lan was quick to say that she regards him as a little brother.

Like a big sister, she's proud of his achievements and praised his talent and perseverance.

The pair, who are chummy with each other in real life, got the media wondering if they were dating in recent months.

They met two years ago in Singapore when Qin Lan was Chinese ambassador for the Singapore Tourism Board. She later invited him to pursue his career in China.

Photo: AsiaOne/Lim Jia Yi

Her nurturing nature also shows in the way she takes care of people around her.

It was tough filming Yanxi Palace, she said, because the cast had to wear thick clothing for winter scenes when the weather in Heng Dian was as hot as Singapore's.

So, Qin Lan bought a lot of facial masks and gave them out to everyone who stopped by her room for a chat.

"We lost a lot of water during the day, so we had to rehydrate our skin at night," she said.

And after a long day of shooting, she liked to hold gatherings for her colleagues - directors and crew included - and have a good chat over nice food.

So, why isn't such a great woman already taken?

Many people have fallen in love with the demure empress she played in Yanxi Palace, but her role as a domineering wife in her new drama may just put off potential suitors, said Qin Lan in jest.

The actress was in Singapore for the inaugural StarHub Night of Stars awards ceremony where she won 2018 StarHub Best Female Asian Star.