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'Her legs are weak and she can't walk far': Wang Yuqing takes wheelchair-bound mother on trip to South Korea

'Her legs are weak and she can't walk far': Wang Yuqing takes wheelchair-bound mother on trip to South Korea
Wang Yuqing and his mother on holiday in South Korea.
PHOTO: Instagram/Wang Yuqing

She taught him about the world as he grew up, now Wang Yuqing is returning the favour by showing the world to his mother.

In Instagram posts beginning on May 3, the veteran actor shared pictures of himself and the 86-year-old on a trip to South Korea.


Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, Yuqing, 62, shared his reasons for taking the elderly lady on vacation: "Over the past few years, I have taken my mother halfway around the world, including to Switzerland, Hawaii, Las Vegas and China.

"Mum loves watching Korean dramas and is exceptionally familiar with the protagonists of each series. One day, she said to me that she's never been to South Korea before!"

He took the hint and didn't disappoint — he brought his mother, sister and girlfriend on a six-day trip to South Korea.

Recalling his experience in Seoul, Yuqing said: "Her legs are weak and she can't walk far. When she arrived in Seoul, she was wheelchair-bound."

To travel with as much convenience as possible, Yuqing hired a private vehicle to ferry them for the full duration of their stay, costing him $1,000 in total.

"The driver was surprisingly able to speak Mandarin, which is rare, and he could talk to my mother. She even joked that the driver looked like JJ Lin," he added, saying that the man's services were well worth the cost.


Yuqing also told Shin Min that as they travelled and visited tourist destinations, his mother was able to recognise locations featured in K-dramas.

The quartet also visited famous cafes and went shopping quite a bit, he said.

From his Instagram posts, it can be seen that Yuqing also had Chuncheon city and Nami island on his itinerary.

"But the temperature in South Korea is quite low and would hit eight to nine degrees Celsius in the night. When we went to Gyeongbokgung during the day, it was 11 or 12 degrees.

"To prevent mum from getting a cold, I would wrap her up like a dumpling — thankfully, she's still very healthy so everything went well."

Not urging him to get married

Yuqing's girlfriend Norah Zhang was also on the trip and got along well with his mother.

"She knows how to joke with my mum," he said of Norah, 52. "After a few days of getting along with each other, we grew closer."

The octogenarian also seems content to leave her son to his own devices.

"She never urges me to get married," he told the Chinese daily.

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