Here are all the new TV shows and movies you should binge on in September 2021

Here are all the new TV shows and movies you should binge on in September 2021
Netflix's Sex Education Season 3 premieres on Sept 17.
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This is a month of endings.

Sept is a very exciting month for TV shows. Lots of new series like Foundation and Midnight Mass will satiate those of us craving something original, but the rest of us already invested in shows like Money Heist and Lucifer will have to bid our favourites adieu for good.

Disney+ has cooked up a new Star Wars anime series for fans to enjoy, and Sex Education is finally back. Finally. There’s a little something for everyone here!

Here’s everything new worth watching in Sept 2021:

Money Heist Final Season (Part 1) Sept 3 - Netflix



The gang has been in the Bank of Spain for over 100 hours and the Professor is at risk. To make matters worse, a new adversary is coming: the army.


I feel like there were a solid few years where Money Heist absolutely dominated the conversation with the launch of every new season, and that makes the debut of its final batch of episodes feel like quite the event.

If you want to see how the story ends for this gang, you might want to catch up!

Doogie Kamealoha, MD (Sept 8) - Disney+


While Neil Patrick Harris is off exploring the Matrix, his old series is getting revived on Disney+. With a Hawaiian setting this time around, the series follows Lahela ‘Doogie’ Kamealoha, a teenaged wunderkind who juggles a high school life with an astonishingly early medical career. Props to her for doing it all.

Kate (Sept 10) - Netflix


Mary Elizabeth Winstead never fails to entertain, so dropping her into a no-holds-barred frantically paced action movie set in Japan feels like a good way to get people to tune in.

After an assassin (Winstead) is poisoned, she has less than 24 hours to get revenge on her enemies and somehow stumbles into an unexpected bond with the daughter of one of her past victims while doing so.

Sky High sequel when?

Lucifer Final Season (Sept 10) - Netflix


Between Lucifer and Money Heist, it feels like this is a month of painful farewells for Netflix subscribers. We last saw Lucifer in a rather holy place last season, which sets the ex-devil up for some interesting stories.

Will Ella find out the truth? Will all these characters get the happy endings they may or may not deserve? Time will tell.

Pokemon Master Journeys: The Series (Part 1) Sept 10 - Netflix


If you’ve been following the Pokemon anime series, its latest iteration is about to hit Netflix. The main trio continues to adventure through the world of Pokemon, with Ash training to climb to higher rankings in the World Coronation Series, Goh working to complete his Pokedex and Chloe taking her very first steps as a trainer.

It looks like Suicune makes an appearance in Part 1, which is something to look forward to for fans of the Johto era.

Sex Education Season 3 (Sept 17) - Netflix


One of Netflix’s best dramedies is back at long last. Picking up after the events of Season 2, Mr Groff is out and Moordale has a new headmistress who’s keen to change things up.

Word of the ‘sex school’ is getting around and while she does her best to control a rambunctious student body, Otis attempts to hide a secret hookup. Scandalous!

Place your bets now - who’s Otis hooking up with this season?

Star Wars: Visions (Sept 22) - Disney+


Star Wars: Visions is a nine-episode anthology series, animated by Japanese animation studios like Kamikaze Douga, Geno Studio, Studio Colorido, Studio Trigger, Kinema Citrus, Science Saru and Production IG.

Each episode tells a standalone story in a distinct visual style, ranging from gritty black-and-white animation to a more kid-friendly Astro Boy-like look.

I mean, it’s Star Wars and anime. Were you actually going to skip this?

Doom Patrol Season 3 (Sept 23) - HBO Go/HBO Max


One of the best superhero shows ever is back, and still utterly bizarre. Picking up from Season 2’s big finale, this season sees our favourite band of misfit superheroes shattered in an amusement park after a devastating face-off with The Candlemaker. That’s just the start of their shenanigans, of course.

When the team attempts to go their separate ways, Madame Rouge arrives in a time machine to set them on a new path.

I wouldn’t trust this bunch with time travel as far as I could throw them, but it looks like we’ve got little choice in the matter. 

Foundation (Sept 24) - Apple TV+


Based on Isaac Asimov’s books, this sci-fi epic kicks off with the revolutionary Dr. Hari Seldon predicting the impending fall of the Empire, and venturing to the far reaches of the galaxy to establish The Foundation with his followers. The Empire doesn’t take this kindly, fearing that their unrivaled reign might be weakening.

Many consider these books to be fairly impossible to adapt in a live-action series format, so we’ll just have to wait and see if this works out for Apple. 

Midnight Mass (Sept 24) - Netflix


Mike Flanagan, the showrunner of The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor, returns to Netflix with this new supernatural series. Midnight Mass takes place on Crockett Island, navigating an isolated island community experiencing miraculous events and frightening omens - following the arrival of a strange young priest.

Kate Siegel, Henry Thomas and Rahul Kohli also star in this, returning from Bly Manor. 

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