HK singer Vivian Chow, 51, stuns fans with youthful looks at 30th anniversary concert

Did Vivian Chow drink from the fountain of youth?

The 51-year-old Hong Kong singer-actress showed no signs of ageing when she held her 30th anniversary concert tour this year.

Fans gushed over her youthful looks and svelte figure after photos from her Macau concert surfaced online recently.

Many of them called her an "eternal goddess" while others asked what was the secret to her timeless beauty.

A netizen wrote: "This is a 51-year-old Vivian Chow? I'd believe you if you told me that she was 21 years old."

再放一個演唱會剪片片段-時間 不是每一站都能帶天鵝鋼琴去,她現在存放於東莞一個貨櫃內,等待幾個月後再出發與我會合。下一次再見時要好好看真她的漂亮,純潔,和那點點的冷。 很多朋友都問我還會到那裡巡演,年底會有內地場,當然也期待到其他如台灣、星、馬等地方見大家,但某些地方還是要耐心等待場館審批,而又要配合到好日期,其實是比較被動的,請等我呀。 #一萬天荒愛未老周慧敏30週年演唱會專輯 #剪片 #慢工出細貨 #時間

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With her sweet looks, Chow became the dream girl of many in the 90s.

She started out as a singer in 1985 and starred in numerous Hong Kong movies over the next decade.

時光....... 1985利舞臺~2018紅館

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At the peak of her career, Chow took a break from showbiz in 1997 when her contracts expired.

"I was like a robot, working every day without fail, that I forgot the joy of performing," she told Epoch Times in an interview last year.

She eventually returned to the limelight in 2004.

Chow married writer Joe Nieh in 2009 after dating him on-and-off for 19 years.