Hong Kong actor Felix Wong loses wife to leukaemia

PHOTO: Facebook/Felix Wong Yat Wah

Veteran Hong Kong actor Felix Wong's wife, Leung Kit-wah, died on Tuesday afternoon (May 26), after a seven-year battle with acute myeloid leukaemia. 

The 59-year-old former actress succumbed to organ failure, and Felix and their daughter Adrian were by her side when she died. 

Felix, 58, thanked the medical staff who had taken care of his wife the past few years, and also the public for their encouragement and support.

He also asked for space for the family to grieve while they make funeral arrangements. 

Adrian, 30, shared her thoughts on her mother's passing in an Instagram post yesterday (May 27). 

The actress said: "My family had less fun and we even gave up on what we wanted to do. I was very envious of those who could live without worries. But we still wanted to do our best to spend more time with her as she faced every obstacle, and we lived each day simply and happily."

Seemingly turning to address her mother, Adrian continued: "Even though our lives weren't as exciting as others, we were still a very blissful family, right? Do you feel blessed to have us by your side? 

"The pain is gone, and you don't have to take medicine anymore!"

Leung, who was diagnosed in 2013, opened up about her illness in 2015 on a radio show interview.

She had a successful bone marrow transplant in 2018 and her condition stabilised, according to Adrian. But the illness relapsed after the operation, and she had to return to the hospital for treatments. 

Felix and Leung met as trainee actors and have been married for 32 years, with him staying steadfastly by her side during these past seven years.