Hong Ling doesn't want to marry and would have rejected my proposal, says boyfriend Nick Teo

Everyone knows that 'if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it'.

Well, had local actor Nick Teo tried, his girlfriend Hong Ling would have shot him down because she doesn't want to get married.

Nick, 30, told 8world.com today (Sept 17) that he had planned a trip to Cebu to surprise Hong Ling for her 25th birthday and she was so touched that she cried.

However, the 25-year-old actress also thought that Nick was going to propose and he said: "At that time, I asked her if she would agree had I really proposed and she actually said no."

The topic of marriage has always been a point of discussion between the lovebirds.

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Buckle Up: Nick Teo says marriage is on the cards but Hong Ling 'proposes' instead

In a previous interview with AsiaOne, Hong Ling also seemed ambivalent about marriage when Nick disclosed that he had plans and it was on the cards.

During that interview, Hong Ling also admitted that she didn't like kids because she was still young.

Nick echoed a similar sentiment during his interview with 8world.com and cited her age as a factor for her decision not to have kids.

He said: "She's still young so we'll let nature take its course. Perhaps she might change her mind in the future."

Despite the contrasting views on marriage and children, Nick intends to respect Hong Ling's decision because there's no point forcing it.

"She just thinks marriage is a rite of passage and doesn't want to trouble herself over wedding planning," he added.