Hot and ready to mingle? Single's Inferno casting for season 3

Hot and ready to mingle? Single's Inferno casting for season 3
Oh Jin-taek (left) from season one and Park Se-jeong from season two of Single’s Inferno.
PHOTO: Instagram/Oh Jin-taek, Park Se-jeong

Are you really hot but unattached for some reason?

Dating reality show Single's Inferno has been renewed for its third season, and the casting call is up on Netflix Korea's Instagram description.

Some contestants from season two may have been cast due to their connections with previous singles — Kim Se-jun works for season one's Oh Jin-taek and Shin Seul-ki knew season one's Shin Ji-yeon from beauty pageants.

Despite this, spots are still open to go to Paradise.

The Google form for casting asks for your particulars, including name, date of birth, gender, place of residence and email address, but also requires you to state your job, social media profile and previous broadcast appearances.

You also have to indicate whether you already have a partner, and write why you want to join Single's Inferno 3.

Applicants will also need to provide a headshot and full body shot (and don't wear a mask in either).

It is not clear when the casting call ends.


At least one contestant may have already been cast for season three, as speculated from a recent post in the subreddit r/Korea.

There, a man posted looking for advice on whether he should join a "reality dating show that's big over in South Korea" and netizens reckoned he was being cast for Single's Inferno.


The Redditor added that he was not fluent in Korean, but his friend — who recommended him to the producers and had been previously on the show — wasn't either, leading to speculations that he was referring to Nadine Lee, a Korean-American woman featured on season two.

Here's the catch: He's gay, and considers himself "the diametrical opposite" of previous contestants, but wrote that the producers told him "a shakeup was in order."

Understandably, people were worried he would be exploited for his sexuality as the dating show has only featured heterosexual couples so far, but the man posted an update writing he had signed the contract to appear on the show.

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