This is how Carina Lau's luxurious home in Hong Kong looks like

This is how Carina Lau's luxurious home in Hong Kong looks like
PHOTO: Instagram/carinalau1208

Hong Kong actress Carina Lau has been giving fans a peek into her impeccable style and life through her Instagram.

But it was not till Monday (Feb 25) that we got a glimpse of her luxurious home in Hong Kong.

And it was all kinds of fabulous.

Think Victorian flair with a hint of In the Mood for Love (2000).


Photo: Instagram/carinalau1208

While the 53-year-old wife of actor Tony Leung, who headlined the lush movie, did not specify much in her captions, sharp-eyed fans have picked up on Hong Kong's skyline in the background of her pictures, suggesting that it is indeed her home in Hong Kong -- not Singapore or Shanghai.

Photos of the two were also spotted framed around the apartment.

Photo: Instagram/carinalau1208

The couple, who have many friends in showbiz, even had some over for a meal here in January.

Photo: Weibo, Instagram/carinalau1208

Among them was a close friend of theirs -- Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, who has worked together with Tony for countless films and collaborated with Carina in the movie 2046 in 2004.

Photo: Weibo/carinalau1208

With such impeccable sense in style, interior and friends, what's there to not admire about Carina?

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