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Hubby Qi Yuwu will decide if we'll ever act together, says Joanne Peh

Hubby Qi Yuwu will decide if we'll ever act together, says Joanne Peh

Reel life ain't imitating reel life for this second generation celebrity power couple, Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu.

The pair got together, to mixed reactions from fans, shortly after Joanne split with her ex-boyfriend American actor Bobby Tonelli, and proved naysayers wrong as their six-year relationship is still going strong.

However, as loving as they may be behind cameras, it seems that fans won't be able to see them as an onscreen couple anytime soon. In fact, the last time they were ever paired up was on the 2014 Channel 8 drama, C.L.I.F. 3.

Since Joanne and Yuwu tied the knot later that year in September, they have yet to be seen onscreen together as lovers despite Joanne's numerous public declarations that she would like to work with him again.

She told 8world today (Sept 23) that it's up to hubby Yuwu to decide if they'll ever reunite on a production.

According to 42-year-old Yuwu, there have been discussions but he has turned them down. While their conflicting schedules is a reason, the biggest factor is because the Chinese actor doesn't want them to "get together for the sake of getting together".

He explained to 8world: "We have to consider if the script and roles are suitable for us, and whether we have the potential to express ourselves and perform. These are the basics.

"Now, we have an additional consideration — now that I know who my co-star is, we need to think whether our characters' story is something we like."

Joanne, 36, admitted that she's not as "picky" as Yuwu and laughed: "I don't consider as many factors as my husband. I've always admired his acting and I love working with him. His deeper understanding of scripts and roles has given rise to many inspired performances and it surprises me.

"I can learn a lot from him, but if we don't have the chance to film together, then I won't be able to. This is why I am looking forward to working with him again."

Joanne can be next seen in the Toggle Original series, Last Madame, in which she plays a brothel boss and has two raunchy sex scenes with her co-stars Jeff Chou and Brandon Wong.


She told Toggle previously: "When I got home after filming the bed scene, my husband asked me how it was, and I said, ‘(It was) okay. Like that lor.’

"I did tell him I would have bed scenes, but I think he’s also like, ‘Aiya, how far could it possibly go?’ So I don’t think he minds.”

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