'Huge medical expenses': Getai singer Angie Lau, Liu Lingling's sister, suffers cancer relapse while cash-strapped

'Huge medical expenses': Getai singer Angie Lau, Liu Lingling's sister, suffers cancer relapse while cash-strapped
Angie Lau's cancer has flared up once more.
PHOTO: Instagram/Angie Lau, Facebook/James Quan

Getai singer Angie Lau, who's also actress-singer Liu Lingling's younger sister, has suffered a cancer relapse.

Yesterday (March 26), one of Angie's students posted on Facebook a photo of the 54-year-old on a hospital bed, writing: "Angie's cancer has relapsed. Over the past four months, she has been unable to teach or perform due to her illness, which has troubled her greatly.

"Although she has lost a lot of weight and her complexion is slightly pale, she is bravely facing up to reality and remains determined to recover — especially when she is still single-handedly raising two children who are in secondary school."

A Facebook post today by getai organiser Aaron Tan stated the cancer has affected Angie's throat, heart and lungs. 

In recent episodes of the variety show Golden Age Talentime, viewers realised that Angie, one of the instructors, had a hoarse voice and difficulty speaking complete sentences.

She wasn't able to complete filming for the show, which took place from March 15 to 17.

Angie was admitted into hospital on March 16. Her cancer has advanced to stage four and spread to her bones. She was discharged today and allowed home to recover, 8World reported today.

In 2014, Angie was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer and lymphoma but had made a recovery following treatment for the ailment.


She told 8World reporters that she doesn't have health insurance policies and that the remaining amount in her CPF Medisave account is limited.

In order to raise awareness of Angie's predicament, Aaron also shared on Facebook: "Since she's unable to work due to her illness, she faces huge medical expenses and her children's living expenses.

"So, I've launched a fundraiser and hope that everyone can help her through these difficult times.

"I hope that kind-hearted people will do their best to help Angie get out of this situation."

To find out how to donate to Angie, please click on Aaron's post below. 

Angie, who expanded her music abroad to Taiwan in the 80s, is also recognisable under the name of Jiang Yinjie.

In 2018, she was the winner of Mediacorp's GeTai Challenge and has since remained as a mentor in Golden Age Talentime.

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