Hundreds of fans give Lee Min-ho warm welcome as he completes military service

PHOTO: MYM Entertainment

He hasn't appeared on TV screens for a while, but fans have not forgotten about Lee Min-ho.

The Korean actor completed his two-year military service today (April 25) and was greeted by hundreds of fans outside Suseo Social Welfare Centre in Seoul.

Dressed in a casual outfit, the 31-year-old star waved and bowed to his supporters before reporting for his final day of work as a civil service worker.

Although his agency did not plan a special event to celebrate the occasion, Lee's fans from Korea and overseas gathered outside the centre with balloons and signboards to give him a warm welcome - a sign that his popularity did not wane even when he was in the army.

Lee first rose to fame with his role in KBS' Boys Over Flowers in 2009. His popularity continued to rise as he starred in hit dramas such as City Hunter, The Heirs, and Legend of the Blue Sea.

Now that he has completed military service, the actorย is "currently reviewing several different projects," hisย agency MYM Entertainment revealed.

Here's hoping that we'll get to see him on television soon!

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Posted by MYM Entertainment on Wednesday, April 24, 2019