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'I almost vomited blood': Richard Low recounts giving Chantalle Ng maths tuition for PSLE

'I almost vomited blood': Richard Low recounts giving Chantalle Ng maths tuition for PSLE
Richard Low shared that he tutored Chantalle Ng maths when she was preparing for her PSLE.
PHOTO: Instagram/Richard Low, Instagram/Chantalle Ng

Local actor Richard Low may be known for playing tough characters who shout "limpeh (your father)" on screen, but he has a softer side to him.

Local actress Chantalle Ng revealed in an Instagram Reel by Mediacorp's The Celebrity Agency on Wednesday (April 17) that the 71-year-old veteran actor gave her maths tuition when she was in primary school.

"I have known Chantalle since she was in primary school. We are very close," Richard said in the same Reel.

He shared that he had experience teaching and revising with his three children, so when Chantalle was preparing for her Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE), he tried his best to help her.

The 28-year-old, whose mother is local actress Lin Meijiao, explained that what touched her was not just Richard's teaching, but the preparations he did beforehand.

"He especially went to revise [the syllabus]. He bought an assessment book and did the maths questions first before teaching me," she revealed.

Chantalle asked Richard in the Reel what made him decide to tutor her, and if it was because she is cute.

"No, because I think you are really poor at maths," he laughed.

Richard added: "She is good in her other subjects, but for maths, it's really bad.

"I almost vomited blood as I was teaching her and she still didn't understand."

In a previous interview shown in the same Reel, Chantalle revealed that her maths improved as a result of Richard's weekly tutoring sessions and she achieved good results for her examination. 

Richard also shared that he is very happy for Chantalle's accomplishments in her acting career now.

"Chantalle is someone that I dote on because I have watched her grow up. So when I see what she has accomplished now, I feel really comforted. I am really happy with her performance," he said, as she was moved to tears.

Meijiao, 60, also commented in the post.

She wrote: "Thank you teacher, we are grateful."

Chantalle is nominated for Best Actress for her performance in drama All That Glitters and is also up for Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, while Richard is a nominee for Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes in Star Awards 2024, which will be presented this Sunday (April 21).

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