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'I have trauma because of the earthquakes': Yvonne Lim on not wanting to leave family in Taiwan to attend Star Awards 2024

'I have trauma because of the earthquakes': Yvonne Lim on not wanting to leave family in Taiwan to attend Star Awards 2024
Yvonne Lim (centre) with her husband Alex Tien and children AJ and Alexa.
PHOTO: Instagram/Yvonne Lim

Yvonne Lim was awarded her 10th Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste trophy at Star Awards 2024 yesterday (April 21).

Despite it being a momentous event — the achievement means she'll receive the All-Time Favourite Artiste award next year — the 47-year-old local actress wasn't in attendance at the ceremony.

Hosts Guo Liang and Dennis Chew even joked that Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin, who presented the award, could just take it back with him to Taiwan, where Yvonne also lives, to give her later.

Yvonne shared her reason for skipping out on Star Awards 2024 in an Instagram post prior to the award show yesterday.


"Frankly speaking, I really want to buy a plane ticket to come back to Singapore," she wrote. "But now I have trauma because of the earthquakes and don't feel comfortable leaving my husband and children."

She also thanked her family and friends for checking in on her after a magnitude 5.0 earthquake was reported in Taiwan that morning, following "ongoing aftershocks" after the magnitude 7.4 earthquake on April 3.

Alongside a photo of herself with her family, Yvonne also posted a video of their home which shows kitchen appliances and furniture shaking due to the tremors.

"My husband (Taiwanese former singer) Alex Tien waited until I felt calmer these days before he showed me the video of our home during the earthquake," she added. "Coupled with this morning's earthquake, it made me feel that it was right to stay with my family."


After Yvonne won, she shared an Instagram Reel thanking fans who have supported her since her debut in 1998.

She also thanked industry members and the media for not forgetting her and giving her "exposure and opportunities" despite her move to Taiwan.

"I can't believe I can finally say this but AJ, Alexa (her children), mummy won an award! Mummy has graduated!" she added, referring to the fact that she will no longer be eligible for the Top 10 awards.


While she couldn't celebrate in Singapore, Yvonne's Instagram Story shows her commemorating the award by having Singapore food for lunch with her pals today.

"No matter where I am, it's still back to my roots," she wrote. "Local food lunch with girlfriends."


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