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'I more kan cheong than him': Lina Ng celebrates son getting A-level results

'I more kan cheong than him': Lina Ng celebrates son getting A-level results
PHOTO: Lina Ng with (from left) husband Mike Lam and sons Jeriel and Joel.

Getting your exam results is always a nerve-wracking time, but having your loved ones by your side helps ease the stress.

Host-actress Lina Ng was supporting her son Jeriel as the young man received his GCE A-level results earlier today (Feb 17).

The results were released at 2.30pm this afternoon.

In a video shared on Instagram, the 48-year-old mum-of-three showed her eldest son Jeriel's journey as he received his results, writing: "Proud moment as parents!"

The video showed the 18-year-old walking out of the school auditorium through a sea of students and parents, saying: "I haven't seen [the results yet], let's go and see."

He then sat down with his parents on a flight of stairs as they went through the results together.

"I more kan cheong (nervous and harried) than him," Lina admitted in the video, and she could be seen nervously looking at the results before bursting with excitement at what she read.

Jeriel then showed his results to his dad with an: "Oh yeah!" and much laughter.


An earlier Instagram post from today showed Lina, husband Mike Lam and their 16-year-old son Joel standing alongside Jeriel, who holds up his A-level certificate with pride.

"So proud of you, Jeriel! You set a target… and you've achieved it!" Lina wrote.


Lina and Mike also have a third son, 11-year-old Samuel.

Well-wishes came pouring in, with fellow actors Ben Yeo, Pan Lingling and Huang Biren congratulating Jeriel on his accomplishment.

While Jeriel celebrated a significant milestone today, he achieved another one last month: Enlisting for National Service (NS).


On Dec 24, Lina shared a video of her and Mike taking turns to shave his head in preparation for NS.

Despite his enlistment being so close to the festive season, there were smiles all around in the hair salon and cheers as Jeriel's freshly-shaven head was revealed.


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