'I regret bringing my wife along': Mark Lee left worrying about 3 kids after experiencing Taiwan's earthquake

'I regret bringing my wife along': Mark Lee left worrying about 3 kids after experiencing Taiwan's earthquake
Mark Lee and his wife Catherine Ng were in Taiwan when a 7.4-magnitude earthquake shook the territory on April 3, 2024.
PHOTO: Instagram/Mark Lee

The 7.4-magnitude earthquake and its subsequent aftershocks in Taiwan on April 3 — its worst in at least 25 years — have left many Singaporeans working and holidaying there terrified, including local actor-host Mark Lee and his wife Catherine Ng.

The couple flew to Taiwan on March 31 for Mark's sales livestreams and would be staying there for six days.

The 55-year-old told Taiwanese publication ET Today in an interview on April 4 that he was asleep when the first quake occurred.

"The sound of my wife crying woke me up. I didn't feel anything. We stayed on the 17th floor and the lights and toilet door were swaying. The water in the bathtub sploshed around and everything was still swaying after 90 seconds.

"I regret bringing my wife along. If anything bad were to happen to me, at least she would be around to take care of our three children [if she weren't in Taiwan]."

Mark and Ng, who turns 51 this month, have daughters Calista, 16, and Calynn, 11, as well as son Maksonn, 13.

Ever the comedian, he still joked to reporters: "My wife hadn't cried in my arms for a long time, I must be thankful for this opportunity."

After the first quake, the couple thought everything would be alright. But they soon heard the ambulance sirens blaring and Ng began crying again. There were another five or six aftershocks, Mark said.


He added that at that time, he thought of many things in his life, including what would happen to their children.

However, his mistress would be fine, he joked again, because his friends are helping to take care of her.

"After experiencing this earthquake, I realised we should live in the moment, enjoy life and spend what we have. When we are dead, we won't be able to spend the money no matter how much we have."

As of writing, the death toll from the earthquakes have risen to 12, while another dozen were still missing.



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