'I thought it was a Dyson hair dryer': Kim Se-jun and Kim Jin-young from Single's Inferno 2 find sex toy in their Japan hotel room

'I thought it was a Dyson hair dryer': Kim Se-jun and Kim Jin-young from Single's Inferno 2 find sex toy in their Japan hotel room
Kim Jin-young (left) and Kim Se-jun went on a trip to Osaka together.
PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/Dex

When it comes to going on a holiday, are you a planner or do you just wing it?

It seems that Single's Inferno 2 contestants Kim Se-jun and Kim Jin-young fall into the latter camp.

The two became close friends after appearing on the reality dating show together and went on a trip to Osaka recently. Jin-young (also known as Dex) uploaded a vlog onto his YouTube channel yesterday (April 18), and from the video clip, it appears problems arose from the get-go.

The self-proclaimed "dumb and dumber" duo, dressed in outfits from the Tokyo Revengers anime, were unsure of the regulations and had to delay their flight from 9.30am to 1pm to do a PCR test first.

When they finally arrived in Japan, Jin-young, 27, asked: "Do you think our trip is going well?"

Se-jun, 25, responded: "So far, we have nothing that has gone well. Our phones are dead, but it's fun, how screwed up we are — you [had to write our destination] on the back of your hand."

More shenanigans were to come: The two had seemingly booked a love hotel.

Firstly, they were perplexed at not having to pay at the front desk but at a machine in front of their room. It was also deceptively cheap for a night's stay, at 5,980 yen (S$59) despite the room having facilities that impressed Jin-young and Se-jun.

Then they finally took a look around their hotel room, only to find one feature they didn't expect — a sex toy.

"Wait a second, there's something wrong," Jin-young remarked. "I thought this was a hair dryer!"

"What is this? Oh f****, I thought it was a Dyson hair dryer!" Se-jun exclaimed, holding the censored object. "I've never seen it in real life!"


"Hey, don't put that on the pillow! Are you mad?" Jin-yong continued, pushing Se-jun's hand — with the offending toy — away.

Thankfully, that was the last of the strange occurrences on the first day of their trip.

Se-jun and Jin-young spotted a restaurant from the window of their hotel and had a meal of ramen, mashed potato, mapo tofu and fried chicken. They also ordered beer and toasted to a successful trip.

"Let's get drunk on beer here," Jin-young remarked. "I mean, we're staying just next door."


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