Ice cream for an 'ice queen'? Felicia Chin cheers Rui En up after her cat dies

PHOTO: Instagram/iamfeliciachin

Our pets are only with us for a handful of years, but many of them eventually go on to become more than furry companions.

They become a part of the family.

Which is why Rui En broke down during the filming of the long-form drama, Old is Gold, when she received the news that her cat had died.

The local actress adopted the cat in 2015 from SPCA Singapore.

Rui En, 38, revealed to Toggle that she had to take a break from filming that day because her eyes were "completely swollen" and she "couldn't even talk".

When she was sleeping off her sorrow at home, her co-star Felicia Chin decided to surprise her with two pints of ice cream.

Good on MediaCorp artiste, actress RUI EN, for adopting BINGO the kitty (who was rescued from a glue trap), very recently! #RuiEn #adoption #pets #adoptapet #MediaCorp

Posted by SPCA Singapore on Monday, 14 September 2015

Felicia, whom Rui En had grown pretty close to while filming the drama, decided to swing by but ended up rousing the latter from her deep sleep when she rang the doorbell.

Rui En said: "I was just very mentally and emotionally done, so when I fell asleep, it was quite a deep sleep... I was a bit pek chek (annoyed) because I was having a very good sleep."

Felicia, 35, clarified that she texted Rui En before she went over but the latter missed it because she was asleep. But don't worry, the two actresses are still thick as thieves.

Apart from Felicia, other cast members rallied behind Rui En to offer her support during this depressing time. She revealed that Edwin Goh and Chen Liping even cancelled their plans so they could reshoot the scene that was postponed in light of her breakdown.

"When someone is down, you just wanna lift up their spirits and do what you can to cheer them up, and we know Rui En’s cats are very dear to her. Team spirit, right?" Felicia added.

If there was ever any doubt, their friendship is on full display on Felicia's Instagram feed. In a post filled with selfies of the two, Felicia captioned: "Thank God for his divine arrangements."

The friendship between the two also breaks down the 'ice queen' persona that Rui En is synonymous with. She earned the moniker due to her various public scandals and her infamous 'black face', but it seems that the chemistry on set is anything but frigid.

In fact, Rui En's BFF Dennis Chew might even know a thing or two about the warmer side of the veteran actress.

The duo won Toggle Most Beloved Celebrity BFF Award in 2016 and she even took him on an all-expenses-paid trip to New Zealand in the same year to celebrate his 43rd birthday.

Dennis told Toggle previously: "Even though it was a very short trip, we were really happy during the entire vacation. She made arrangements so that when I opened the windows in my hotel room, I’d be able to look out at New Zealand’s most beautiful lake.

"She probably spent quite a bit on the trip!”