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'I'll become the helper's helper in the end': Jacelyn Tay explains why she doesn't want a maid

'I'll become the helper's helper in the end': Jacelyn Tay explains why she doesn't want a maid
PHOTO: Instagram/Jacelyn Tay

"Why do you not want a helper?"

This is a question former actress Jacelyn Tay says she often receives from her friends.

The 48-year-old explained why in an Instagram post yesterday (April 25): "I think either the helper cannot survive under me or I cannot survive with the helper."

She emphasised her point by showing how she would need her helper to remove the toilet seat and cover before cleaning it.

"Of course this is not a big deal, but this is just one of the many things that I would require the helper to do. I think it's better if I do it myself, if not I will take over and then I'll become the helper's helper in the end," she said with a laugh, adding that it's better to "do things yourself" and "be independent".

In the caption of the post, she said that she's trying to inspire her followers to live a simple life: "I often hear friends complaining about their helpers."

"For those who are toying with the idea of giving up your helper, I can share more tips here on how to change light bulbs yourself, fix the TV or be efficient in doing your household tasks by setting up systems at home."

She concluded: "When we manage our home ourselves, our children also learn more about responsibilities at home."


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Netizens took to the comments section to express their amusement, with some relating to Jacelyn.

"You're so funny. I thought I was the ultimate employer. You beat me," said one netizen.

"'I'm now the helper's helper', I really get what you mean," said another.

Another commented: "I'm not the only one!"


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