'I'm finally home': Yvonne Lim cries at Changi Airport after returning from Taiwan

'I'm finally home': Yvonne Lim cries at Changi Airport after returning from Taiwan
From left (clockwise): Zheng Geping, Hong Huifang, Candyce Toh, Alex Tien, Yvonne Lim, Hong Junyang
PHOTO: Instagram/yvonnelim928

Sharon Au isn't the only famous person back in town.

Local actress Yvonne Lim is also back in Singapore and she's so emotional about being back home that she choked up upon arriving at Changi Airport.


In an Instagram post on Aug 21, in celebration of the National Day Parade, the 44-year-old shared a video that started with a dance routine she performed with her husband and kids.

The family of four was joined by veteran actress Hong Huifang.

Then, the video cut to a series of clips of Yvonne and her family travelling from Taiwan to Singapore garbed in full-body protective gear and a face shield. She has been based there since 2014 after marrying former Taiwanese boy band member Alex Tien. They have two children together — Alex Junior, six, and Alexa, four. 

When Yvonne arrived at Changi Airport, she exclaimed in Mandarin: "We're home! I'm getting emotional all of a sudden, I don't know why."

Yvonne could be seen getting choked up and holding back her tears as she added: "I really feel like crying... I'm getting emotional because I'm finally home."

The video ends with the captions "Home... where my heart has always been" and "I am home". She was last in Singapore in 2019.

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She had earlier expressed her desire to relocate her family to Singapore and would have done so earlier if not for the Covid-19 pandemic. She told local media in April that she had enrolled her son into a primary school here but their plans are still up in the air because of the uncertainty over the pandemic and travelling.


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