'It felt like my head was expanding': Heartthrob Ahn Bo-hyun on doing own stunts in Military Prosecutor Doberman

'It felt like my head was expanding': Heartthrob Ahn Bo-hyun on doing own stunts in Military Prosecutor Doberman
Ahn Bo-hyun in his outfit from Military Prosecutor Doberman.
PHOTO: Instagram/Ahn Bo-hyun

A great intro hooks the audience into the story and leaves a lasting impression.

And K-drama Military Prosecutor Doberman achieves it when — just past the 30-second mark in the first episode — the handsome male lead Do Bae-man makes his dramatic entrance hanging upside down from the roof of a tall skyscraper.

In an interview with AsiaOne, heartthrob Ahn Bo-hyun described his experience filming the opening scene.

"Being connected to the wire for a whole two hours was tough. It felt like my head was expanding from the blood rushing to it, which later led to a headache. Despite all that, I was proud that the scene turned out looking cool and intense."

In a behind-the-scenes (BTS) video, Bo-hyun expressed how he wanted to complete the scene in the first take. Soon after, he is seen lying down on the mattress and hyperventilating.

In the drama, Bae-man signs up with the military as a prosecutor for financial gains while Cha Woo-in, played by Jo Bo-ah, joins for revenge. The story follows them as they discover a common goal and work together towards it.

The series included a number of action sequences and 33-year-old Bo-hyun, who has a boxing background, performed several of his own stunts.

"It has been a year since I last acted and I had so much fun being back on set. Even though there were days which were really cold, I probably forgot about the temperature and was really energetic during the filming," he also said.

The same BTS clip also showed Bo-hyun filming a big fight scene featured in episode two.

The team had to shoot the scene multiple times and he said in the clip: "I would have felt fine if I hadn't caught a cold and because of it, I'm not satisfied with myself. I'm a perfectionist."

The rising star first caught attention playing a supporting role as one of the villains in the hit 2020 drama Itaewon Class. He rose through the ranks and received leading roles in the 2021 dramas Yumi's Cells and My Name.

On playing the lead again in Military Prosecutor Doberman, Bo-hyun told AsiaOne: "I was overwhelmed with emotions. I was worried about not being able to do well and I was really grateful for it, but the pressure was so intense that the only thought I had in my head was that I had no choice but to do it."

All 16 episodes of Military Prosecutor Doberman are now available on Viu and also iQiyi.

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