It's a girl for Taiwanese host Kang Kang and wife

PHOTO: Facebook/Kang Kang

It's a little princess for Kang Kang.

The Taiwanese host and his wife welcomed their second child - a daughter weighing 2.95kg via Caesarean section on Thursday (Jan 17).

In an interview with Apple Daily Taiwan, the 51-year-old said it was the first time he'dĀ stepped into a delivery room.

While his 34-year-old wife gave birth, he held her hand while offering her words of encouragement.

And when the baby was born, both dad and mum were moved to tears.

Kang shared that during childbirth, the doctor praised him for accompanying his wife, but the anxious man replied, "Please concentrate (on the surgery), doctor."

She may only be a day old, but the doting dad has already taken many video clips of his newborn, saying, "She's so adorable."

The couple, who got hitched in 2011, have a six-year-old son, Matt.

They strove for a second baby after Matt was born, but had their pregnancy dreams dashed as Kang's wife miscarried twice.

Deciding to let nature take its course, the couple was pleasantly surprised to find that they were expecting a girl last year.

Photo: Facebook/Kang Kang