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'It's no issue': Aileen Tan admits to editing her photos for social media

'It's no issue': Aileen Tan admits to editing her photos for social media
Veteran Mediacorp actress Aileen Tan doesn't mind sharing her photo editing secrets.
PHOTO: Instagram/Aileen Tan

In an age of accessible photo editing apps, some celebrities and influencers retouch what they post on social media. Veteran Mediacorp actress Aileen Tan is no different.

In fact, she doesn't mind sharing her secrets either, in the name of honesty.

In a recent interview with 8Days, the 55-year-old admitted: "When I edit my pictures and people ask me why I look so good, I tell them that they can look like that too and I can teach them how to edit the pictures.

"Just be honest about it, it's no issue. The more honest you are, the easier it is for other people to accept it."

Aileen reckoned that everyone "does a little bit of editing" before posting on social media, and reiterates that "it's really no issue."

"It's better than denying it while continuing to edit your photos," she said.

When it comes to criticism about the photo enhancements, she thinks people should learn to accept the negativity.

She said: "If you get angry because of comments like that, then it's better to stay away from social media."


Not one to be hypocritical, Aileen admitted that she doesn't get angry or sad when receiving ageist comments either because she has at times regarded others based on their looks as well.

She recalled meeting a popular influencer who made a guest appearance on a show she was in and wondering why the latter looked so different in person compared to her Instagram photos.

This philosophy of accepting criticism is one Aileen applies to her work as well.

She reckoned that local dramas need to adapt to the times and heed the criticism they get to improve, in order to appeal to the younger generation and be able to compete with shows on online streaming platforms.


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